The following programs are available to children of the greater Calgary area. While children are generally enrolled in a specific program based on their age, Dana Day Care LTD will sometimes recommend a specific program based on your child’s level of development and general disposition.

Calgary Infant Program

Calgary Infant Program

At Dana Day Care LTD, we understand that there is more to an infant’s life than eating and sleeping. Calgary infants see the world through hungry eyes, ready to discover the beauty of colors and textures, and our loving daycare providers are here to help them make the very most of this precious time.

Calgary Toddler Program

Keeping up with a toddler bursting with energy can be a challenge, but it is one that we, at Dana Day Care LTD, welcome with open arms. Our energetic Calgary daycare providers have countless ways of channelling that energy through fun activities and exercises created specifically for your toddler’s needs

Calgary Preschool Program

Child, drawing, playing, painting

At Dana Daycare Ltd our preschool environment provides opportunities for children to explore materials and engage in concrete activities. Children interact with peers and teachers in order to construct their own understanding about the world around them. There is a balance of child-initiated and teacher-initiated activities so as to maximize children’s learning and give them a strong foundation in a variety of subjects.

Daily Communication

At Dana Daycare limited we always endeavor build trust with parents of our wards. With the aid of the Kidsnote platform, parents can easily engage and communicate with our daycare on a daily bases.  Parents receive quick messages and photos of every activity going on at the daycare . Parents can also communicate with the daycare, send and receive information in real-time. Get involved with your kids daily activities from the comfort of your couch at home, or at work.

Our teachers and parents work collaboratively to ensure that children are provided optimal learning experiences. Our families are provided with information they need to support their children’s learning and development.

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